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This is a sister site to and this page is a placeholder for the new alternative  You can visit Toxic Drums at their primary site by clicking this link --> Toxic Drums (.com)

All this stuff you can see on the .com site by clicking these links.  The web site is an evolving labyrinth of ideas.  It contains pages on health like Looking After Your Body and Wheatgrass and pages about Computer Stuff as well as pages on disease like XDR-TB and the Norovirus.  There are comments on Educating Children, Economic Wargames & Creative Capitalism and there are fun pages like Surreal Keywords, The Fish Page and Something Interesting.  There is a list of Interesting People and a page on Typoglycemia where you can download free software!  There are theological pages like God claims he doesn't exist, God won't save stupid people and a satirical explanation of the Ichthys Fish.  There is a list of Toxic Things and a page about Drums.

Toxic Drums is always looking for support and feedback so please feel free to link to this site and to recommend it to your friends.  If you have any comment, criticism, concerns or questions please email me from the Contact page.

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